Suus Suiker ( The Netherlands 1966)

After graduating at The Royal Artschool in The Hague (art & graphic design) in 1990 Suus  Suiker worked for a couple of years as an illustrator and designer for a graphic design agency. In 2002 she decided to quit her job to focus on a career as an independent artist. At first she used acrylic paint as medium to create paintings in a magical realistic theme, with the human figure as main subject.

Since 2017 Suus changed her ways of creating art radically. During her search for new mediums and working methods, she stumbled upon the interesting technique of encaustic painting. An anciënt method of painting with hot beeswax and pigments, used in Egypte long before our era. Nature, landscape and flowers are the main theme of her recent artwork in this specific medium. 

With her camera at the ready Suus frequently walks through the woods and plains, catching nature’s poetry. In her studio she uses this inspiration to create her own worlds in wax. This results in a series of paintings entitled ‘Symbiosis’. 

For this ‘Symbiosis’ series Suus paints a basic layer of ink or watercolors on a porous type of art paper glued to a rigid panel. Afterwards she paints layers of hot beeswax mixed with damar and a diversity of pigments on this art paper, fusing everything in between, for good cohesion of the layers. After many layers and fusing the work is finished by polishing it with a cloth to a beautiful shine. 

Sometimes in her mixed media work in beeswax Suus uses a digital underpainting, or a combination with photographic elements.

Her artwork is exclusively presented by some prominent galleries in The Netherlands.


Work in permanent collection in The Netherlands at:

Galerie Sille - Goudsestraatweg 8 Oudewater

De Twee Pauwen - Oranjestraat 1/Noordeinde  Den Haag

Gallery Van Dun - De Lind 52 Oisterwijk

Galerie Het Moment - Poststraat 28  Zierikzee

Dom Galerie - Böheimgasse 3, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Oostenrijk

Arte Nuovo Fine Art Gallery - Gerritsenweg 11G  Zutphen 

Warnars & Warnars art dealers - Gierstraat 31  Haarlem