After her studies at the Royal Academy of Art at The Haque - The Netherlands, Suus Suiker was mainly painting in acrylic or drawing. However, in recent years, she has started creating more Contemporary works using mixed media, for which she combines several materials and techniques. This shows in her newest series: 'Symbiosis' and 'Dreamland', by the combination of pigments,  oilpaint and beeswax, occasionally combined with photography or digital art. 

According to her the goal is more important then the means. Her goal is to create a world that carries a certain poetry within itself. A world where the elements together tell an interesting story. Strong yet fragile.

Work in permanent collection in The Netherlands at:

Galerie Sille - Goudsestraatweg 8  Oudewater

De Twee Pauwen - Oranjestraat 1/Noordeinde  Den Haag (2020)

Gallery van Dun - De Lind 39 - 41 Oisterwijk

Galerie Het Moment - Poststraat 28  Zierikzee

Galerie De Vreugd & Hendriks - Haltestraat 5 Zandvoort